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Hoopdance tutorials for advanced 


On this page you will find my KNOW-HOW. I offer you access to tricks and more complex sequences online. Original, explained in detail with step-by-step in slow motion. These tutorial videos are suitable for more advanced people who already know the basics of hoop dance (spinning at the waist, basic off-body tricks such as mandala, wave...)


I, Aneta Jokešová, an experienced performer and lecturer, will guide you through the lessons. I led many courses not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe. If you want to see my work, you can visit me on Instagram, under the nickname @anet.joke

I look forward to you :)

... and what do I offer you to spice up your flow? I am sharing tutorials from two circuits.


All videos on this site are conducted in English.

One Trick Wonder Series

the concept of tutorials, where in each video we deal with one trick and its variations. You can learn different ways of one trick and get inspired to create your own.

Price per video is 80 CZK (3,64 USD / 3,26 EUR / 2,80 GBP)