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About us


Who are we?

My name is Aneta and I am a professional hoop dance performer, international instructor, your hoop maker and mainly a passionate dancer.

I have been around hula hoops since 2014 and since then I have performed at private events, national festivals and international gigs listed below. In my early days, I traveled to Italy, where I did a street performance and recently I spent a year in Canada, where I also had the opportunity to do performances on all kind of events.

I love teaching people to hoop. I regularly organize workshops for beginners and advanced students online and offline and I share my technique publicly on socials under the nickname @anet.joke. At my hoop workshops, which were held not only in the Czech Republic, 

but also in Austria, Canada, England and Italy, I had the opportunity to train both beginners and professionals in the field.​ I have been passing on my love for hooping regularly for more than 5 years.


I try to approach the circus discipline, which I have chosen as my life direction, from all angles, through various projects. Besides of my beloved hula hoops, I'm doing handstands, yoga and other juggling props. is my heart project, thanks to which I can spread awareness about hooping through handmade hula hoops, which are an inherent part of this discipline. The hoops are made by the hands of two women in the border area of Broumovsko, in the heart of Czech nature and sandstone rocks.

Thank you for your support.


List of performances and workshops

SWHOOP (England, 2022), Ioco festival (Vancouver, Canada, 2021), cyber SWHOOP (online, 2020), Experience circus camp (Czech Republic, 2020), ArtCamp Vimperk (Czech Republic, 2019), Zonglobalization (Czech Republic, 2019 ), Workshop tour (Czech Republic, 2019), Nest on Strings (2019-2020, Czech Republic), Circus Culture fest (Czech Republic, 2019), Polná v Plamenech (Czech Republic, 2019), Advanced workshop (2018, Vienna, Austria) and many more...

Who did I learn from?

Emma Kenna (2017, Czech Republic), Babz Robinson (2018, Czech Republic), Buket Rinn (2019, Austria), participation in the hula hoop convention SWHOOP 2019 and 2022 (England) and others ...

Milestones from history



Performance at a gala show + teaching of two workshops

The legendary hula hoop convention held annually in Bristol, England under the direction of Emma Kenny. I had the opportunity to perform and lead workshops for advanced students. 



Shows at festivals and private events
During my travels in Canada, I was invited to several private events and festivals. 

Photo taken in Vancouver, Ioco festival.
Hnizdo_Mlejn_credit_VB (13).jfif


interactive theater performances for children

Non-verbal, interactive, new circus performance for children and parents connects aerial acrobatics with physical theater. 



project founder and manager
Hoops production, which is located in the heart of Czech nature, in the beautiful region of sandstone rocks of the border Broumov region. In a region where artists find it difficult to find a job, thanks to your support, I have the opportunity to provide cooperation and support to two other people.


organization of a weekly suburban circus camp for children from 9-12 years
all week marked by circus disciplines, hanging acrobatics, pair acrobatics, children's yoga and piles of games and entertainment.


show for Rinas company
We are a group of enthusiastic dancers and circus performers in one place.


composing LED hula hoop show for Postrpoi
Cyber theme, LED show and insanely beautiful costumes. In my direction from idea, to choreography, music to rehearsal. We gave it all in one weekend :)
Hnizdo_na_nitkach_foto_T_Strejcek (3).jf


a two-month intensive course for children aged 10-17
Raising a new generation of circus performers is not an easy task, but certainly the most beautiful! What is more than a spark in the eyes of our little ones?


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