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Online hoopdance course for beginners


In the course, I will guide you through the complete basics of hoop dance, which will stay with you forever. Whether you are at home in the living room, on vacation in the mountains or on the beach by the sea, you can play with the hoop anywhere.


In the course, we will learn the complete basics of hoop dancing, from the technique of spinning on the waist and individual basic tricks to simple sequences. We gradually build muscle memory and add new elements in each lesson. After finishing the course, you will be able to hoop to your favorite music, enjoy your time on the beach with headphones and improvise a little... :-)


No more time spent searching of beginner-friendly video tutorials. With us you have everything in one place.  Clearly and simply explained step by step in the appropriate order.

With the course, we are opening a support Facebook group in which you will be able to share all your progress and connect with other course participants and motivate each other. I also contribute to this group and I would be happy to give you some other tips remotely.

Learn to hoop dance from home!

Buy the course now with lifetime access.

  • Hoopdance kurz CZ

    Plný přístup ke všem videím kurzu v českém jazyce.
    • český jazyk
    • 9 lekcí pro úplné začátečníky v hoopdance
    • celkem 165min kurzu - necelé 3 hodiny výuky!
    • tipy a triky, které Vám pomohou k rychlejšímu naučení
    • doživotní přistup k výukovým videím
    • přístup do soukromé podpůrné skupiny na Facebooku
  • Hoopdance course EN

    Access to english version of beginner's course.
    • English language
    • 9 lessons for total beginners in hooping
    • total 165 minutes - almost 3 hours of learning!
    • tips and tricks that will help you in faster progress
    • lifetime access to course!
    • access to private Facebook group for support
    • Price in other currency: 22 EUR, 25 USD, 19 GBP

Hoopdance tutorials

Below you can see preview of each lesson.

If you have already purchased the course, you will find the full version below.

Course is held either in Czech and English language.