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Černý a Zlatý Puntíkovaný Móda Post na I


Since 2021, ambassadors program has been running in which you have the opportunity to participate, become a sponsored artist and also a member of the #hooplanethoopteam team.


Do you love hula hoops? Do you live anywhere in Europe? Want to get hoops and other accessories for free? Are you active on networks? Write to me - maybe I'm looking for you.


This is a program in which I select artists from all over Europe during the year, who receive equipment completely free of charge in exchange for brand promotion.


Follow the instagram #hooplanethoopteam, mark us in your posts and maybe we will choose you next time :).

Ambassadors #hooplanethoopteam of 2023


award-winning street show artist, yoga teacher and incredible performer

SHIA is spinning circles in a space between dance and circus, street and stage, light and darkness. An international audience has enjoyed her multihooping performances since 2013, three years after she discovered her life changing passion for hoop dance.


Today Shia is very active on social media, where she shares her art and connects with flow artists around the globe. She always has an open ear for those who ask and gives online classes as well as free tutorials on Instagram reels 

Instagram: @shia_hulahoop


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Ka Whoops (DE)

Multiprop talented hooper with colorful journey
Ka Whoops Slinky.jpg

Ka Whoops is a  flow artist, specialized in Hula Hoop Dance.

She offers Led, UV & Fire performances, multi-hooping street shows, workshops, classes and much more. Hoop Love Coach certified Hoop Dance instructor, and qualified Hooping Mad  Advanced Teacher Trainer. She loves being on stage, sharing good vibes, teaching & sharing her passion.

Ka Whoops discovered hoop dance in 2012 and it quickly became her tool to achieve happiness, wellness and a deeper connection with her body & soul.

Instagram: @kawhoops


Xochitl aka SoChill (DE-FR)

Hooper scientist, founder of #GetHoopy

Holder of a PhD in marine ecology, Xochitl decided to leave science behind her and make her passion, hula hoop dancing, her new occupation. She loves to share the joy and the multiple benefits hulahoop dancing brought to her. She tries to be an advocate of mental health and promotes empowerment through body positivity. She also tries to make an impact, performing during demonstrations, for climate, racial, gender and social justice #hoopactivist .

She plays with twins, LED and recently started playing with fire. Despite being a brainy learner and her ability to break down tricks #chillcombos , she also enjoys to focus on the flow, movement and emotions of hoop dancing.

Instagram: @ drx.hoop
Facebook: @drx.hooperscientist

Hulahoop_10 - Copy.jpg

Anya Flow Artist (CZ)

Passionate hooper

 I enjoy breaking boundaries and myths that hooping only belongs to the children's world or the circus. I have been dancing since I was a child and I like to pass on the joy of moving on. For dancing and exercising with hoops, I like the fact that it has an infinite number of styles and it's mostly fun. I like to inspire others to create their own and express themselves, either inside or outside the hoop.


Instagram: @Anya_flow_artist



Michaela Kačmárová (CZ)

Passionate hooper

Hooping is a joy for me, a release from the worries of everyday life. I hoop just for fun, but I also perform in my Artego group with both a light and a fire show. I am teaching to hoop kids in my town and spreading awareness about hooping to the next generation.

Instagram: @kacmito _


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