Colorful world of hula hoops

Hula hoop shop and online hoopdance learning



We are not just any hoop shop. is a place where you can find everything you need on your hooping journey. We share our know-how, tips and tricks with you. In our online studio you will learn everything from the first spin, the basics of hoop dancing to advanced tricks and sets. 


If you want to buy your first hoop and don't know which one to choose, click the link below. We will simply advise you how to choose a suitable hula hoop and you will also learn everything you need to start hooping successfully.

In our store you can buy a hoop for both exercise and body shaping - a fitness hula hoop, or a dance hoop of all possible colors. We also offer children's hoops and polypro hoops for professionals. 

Do you want to learn how to hoop dance, but group lessons aren't right for you? Visit our online studio, where we have prepared both a complete course for beginners in hoop dance and video lessons for beginners and advanced students.