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Pixel light show

Make your event unforgettable with this magical game of lights. I offer the possibility of displaying your own logo or image.

Elegant dance performance and powerful LED light hula hoops that leave light trails in the dark. A wonderful night performance on your event, which will become unforgettable. Extremely luminous hula hoops with visual effects will amaze every viewer and leave your audience in amazement.


Sensual dance together with a swirling costume, endless turns and acrobatic elements, which are perfectly balanced and connected with the music so the experience is truly unforgettable. The high-tech hoops, which leave traces in the dark, create a wonderful spectacle themselves, making the performance even more magical and perfect as a whole.


I will be happy to adapt the show to any music and theme. The circles are programmable, so it is possible to incorporate your own image or logo into them, which will amaze the audience.

Events suitable for this show:

  • internal meetings and conferences

  • corporate events

  • private parties

  • birthdays and weddings

  • festivals and music events

  • cultural events

  • clubs

    and more.


Performance features:

  • possibility to display the logo

  • length 5-7min

  • any costume and theme according to your requirements


Do you like this offer and want it? You can contact me below.