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Hula hoop Workshops

My achievements 

In 2022 I taught and performed at the world famous hula hoop convention in England, SWHOOP led by Emma Kenny. I participated in the Kefír children's festival in the Czech Republic, where I performed under the guidance of the Mask Bureau and taught children how to hoop. In 2020, I personally organized a new children's circus camp, where hoops were the main theme. You could also find my workshops at new circus festivals across the Czech Republic such as Žonglobalizace, Circus Culture Fest, Art Camp Vimperk, Polná v Plameny and many others. In the past, I organized my hula hoop tour around the Czech Republic and taught in 6 cities. For example, I also created choreography for the professional performing group PostrPoi during an intensive weekend private workshop.

I have been teaching hula hoop since 2015. I like to travel and get to know the hula hoop community all over the world. I offer international workshops in the places where I stay. I'm also teaching my original tricks at juggling and hula hoop conventions all over the world. Traveling led me to the online world of teaching. I regularly offer online hula hoop group classes. I have recently opened an online studio where I'm sharing tutorials and full courses. You can go through the videos at your own pace. I also provide private lessons - online and offline.


If you are interested in organizing a workshop or private lesson, please contact me below. If you want to be the first to know about the listed courses, subscribe to the newsletter.


The hula hoop workshop is also a great addition to events such as festivals, summer camps, team buildings, children's entertainment for weddings, etc. Do you want something unusual for your event? Let your guests try new circus discipline. An activity that we all know from childhood. I offer a huge range of tricks and workshops suitable for everyone. I'm here for you. I'll bring hoops, music, skills and fun of course.


If you are interested in a workshop at your event, juggling or hula hoop convention, please contact me below. 


What do I teach?

Workshops for adult beginners

The hoop is a great helper to stay active and fit. It doesn't matter if you are 50 or 20. Everyone can spin hoops! Can be taken as a group lesson or individually.

 - warm up with hoops, fitness workout

 - hoop dance basics, how to keep the hoop on your waist

 - easy choreography for everyone + effective beginner tricks


Hula hoop conventions and advanced hula hoop workshops

I teach my original tricks and sequences that celebrate great success on the international hula hoop field. Ask me about teaching on your convention.

 - My favorite workshops: Wraps and Hinges, Rolls and Folds, Reverse flow, C-rolls and beyond


Creating of choreography

I offer creation of choreography for groups.

 - choreography with difficult tricks combined with dance perfectly timed to the music

 - creating acts and shows


Children's workshops

A great addition to children's festivals, camps, weddings and other events, where we can have a lot of fun thanks to the hoops.

easy tricks, hoop games, spinning basics adapted for kids

... and most of all fun :)


Aneta Jokešová

Hoopdance artist and instructor



Ask me about teaching

Thank you, we will contact you!

What people say about my workshops?

LUCIA Š., 2022

Intensive Advanced Workshop, Prague 

Aneta is a great hula hooper and a bottomless reservoir of tricks and flows. Her workshops are full of new inspirations that she can adapt to individual needs. Personally, I like a dance style with great musicality, and I haven't found that in the Czech Republic with anyone other than her. Her attention to detail is evident not only in her teaching but also in hula hoops made from her workshop. Absolutely precisely prepared and pimped up to please everyone who wants to do hula hooping.


Intensive Advanced Workshop, Prague

I came for a dose of inspiration and that's exactly what I got. Perhaps it's just a shame that the three hours flew by so quickly and it wasn't possible to do even more :-) I was looking forward to the part with more hoops, but now I also have the material for one hoop, I will definitely have fun with new wraps combos.

ROSIE, 2022

SWHOOP 2022 Workshop, Bristol

Anetas workshop was the perfect dive into hoop technique: the right mixture of complexity so everybody gets along well and when you're more experienced you can enjoy Anetas own approach to hoop moves to find an abundance of new ideas! She breaks down tricks into well digestible pieces and explains them precisely and always with a smile. I'd always take her workshops again!

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