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Hula hoop event entertainment

Are you looking for performance for your event in New Zealand? Spice up your event with a magical LED show, a sensual FIRE show, a series of circus performances, or choose a professional hula hoop WORKSHOP for all levels.

Why choose me?


I am a professional hoop dance performer now settled in Queenstown / Wanaka area, an international instructor and especially a passionate (hoop) dancer.

I have been hoop dancing since 2014 and since then I have performed at national and international events all over the Europe. 

Most of the people have seen the expression, the energy and tricks I'm able to do with hula hoops for the first time in their life! WOW effect in your audience guaranteed. 


You can expect sensual dance together with a swirling costume, endless turns and acrobatic elements. My shows are perfectly connected with the music so the experience is truly unforgettable.

What can I offer you?




Aurora - Cabaret hoop



🙏 I'm beyond grateful for all the shows I can perform this month. September has never bee






Aurora - výklad karet




Aneta Jokesova

Event entertainment

Otago - Wanaka / Queenstown


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What people say about my workshops?

LUCIA Š., 2022

Intensive Advanced Workshop, Prague 

Aneta is a great hula hooper and a bottomless reservoir of tricks and flows. Her workshops are full of new inspirations that she can adapt to individual needs. Personally, I like a dance style with great musicality, and I haven't found that in the Czech Republic with anyone other than her. Her attention to detail is evident not only in her teaching but also in hula hoops made from her workshop. Absolutely precisely prepared and pimped up to please everyone who wants to do hula hooping.


Intensive Advanced Workshop, Prague

I came for a dose of inspiration and that's exactly what I got. Perhaps it's just a shame that the three hours flew by so quickly and it wasn't possible to do even more :-) I was looking forward to the part with more hoops, but now I also have the material for one hoop, I will definitely have fun with new wraps combos.

Veronika B., Praha

Událost městské části, 2022

Chtěli bychom Vám touto cestou ještě jednou poděkovat za účast.


I přes nepříznivé počasí si myslím, že se akce povedla a doufáme, že se uvidíme i někdy do budoucna na jiné akci.


Ještě jednou děkujeme!!

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