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9 must know things for complete beginners in hoopdance

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Before you will take your first hula hoop and start to discover beauty of to hoop dance, I wrote down 9 important tips that I wish to know like complete beginner on my hooping journey. We are everybody struggling with the same things in the beginning. Let’s say few important things you should know.

1. The clothes matter

Choose the right clothes for hooping. It’s really important and such a detail can make hard times when it comes to waist hooping. Generally the hula hoop sticks the best to naked skin, so the best variant what to wear is to take crop top and shorts. Also good choice of material is cotton, because it is non-sliding material. Always wear a tight clothes. You don’t want to make barrier between hula hoop and body. If you will wear a loose shirt or loose pants, it will block movement of hula hoop and slowing it down. Synthesic silky materials are not very good choice, because hula hoop could fall down too easily.

2. The right diameter of the hula hoop

Crucial fact in the beginning of your journey is right choice of diameter and material of your first hula hoop. In your very beginning, you need big and heavy hula hoop which additional weight will help you to spin on the waist slowly. If you’re curious about more, visit this article about the right choice of your first hula hoop.

I do recommend to have more hula hoops. One big for your very beginnings, also with big hoop you can slowly step-by-step learn one trick and then one smaller hula hoop (lighter polypro). It is easier to hold in your hands so you can easily practice all the tricks in faster pace.

3. Set up a realistic goals

To learn your first trick, sequence or even spinning on the waist, takes time. Somebody learns it faster, somebody needs a longer time. However with the right technique and endurance you are able to reach whatever goal you were set! if you will take the hula hoop for the first time, don’t expect that you will smoothly dance with it like a pro. What you are seeing on the socials is the result of long training. Always go step-by-step, be patient and you will see how you will be better every training!

4. Celebrate small things

Did you just hold the hoop on your waist for 10 seconds longer that last time? That is amazing! Allow yourself to be a beginner at something and be happy from every thing learnt. These tiny little things making one big progress after a some time!

5. Document your journey

Don’t forget to record your hoop journey from it’s very beginnings. You will make beautiful self motivation for yourself and you will see how huge progress you made in very short time.

6. Learn one thing in a time

I'm pretty sure that you saved millions of cool tricks you want to learn. I recommend to make a list with all the tricks you want to learn and break them down one by one. The best way how to do it is line up them from the easiest to trickiest :).

7. Do not compete, get inspired

It’s can be frustrating to see many amazing hoopers on socials, how many hoops they can manipulate, juggle, spin on the body six hoops… and me just one. But remember that everybody started somewhere. Everybody had to be where you are now. Everybody struggled with waist to hooping. But the time and effort, all days spent with the training you won’t see on the Internet. Let these incurable guys inspire a motivate you, but always remember… Why are you hooping? You are hooping JUST for yourself. Do it the way, so it makes you happy.

8. Join the local groups and connect with the others

You will be surprised how many people in your area is hooping. Search on the Facebook your local group of hoopers and get to know them. It is priceless if you can share your happiness with somebody who is on the same journey as you are. Also you can share your new learnt tricks and inspire and motivate each other. We have great Facebook group here in Czech Republic, but I know also in the Europe about many groups! In every particular state exists at least one hooping group search for it!

9. Always hoop to both sides

Everybody has dominant side. The side that we are starting with and we can do it easier in that direction. However always think about balance of the movement and try to spin on both sides, use both hands, legs etc. If you are spinning to your non-dominant side, it takes a little bit more effort, however with constant training you will get it easier. Also you don’t want get to the situation, when the flow brings you to the moment, where you cannot do the thing, cause it is not on “your” side and the hoop falls down. I am using hooping on my non-dominant side always like warm up. Not only I get nice work out, but I am training also my brain, because my left hand always leads me to something new and something different than the other. :)

If you are already spinning with the hoop and you want to reach out the others and help them in their beginnings, write down your advice to comments. What would you wish to know on your hoop start?


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