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Why I can't hold the hoop on my waist? Guide, how to keep the hoop on the waist.

Have you just bought your first hoop but can't keep it in your waist? In this article, we will explain right technique of waist hooping, how keep the hoop on your waist, and we will also look at the most common mistakes that often lead to failure. Don't give up, we can do it together! :)

Step 1: Do you have right hula hoop?

Choosing the right hoop is key to waist hooping. If you have a children's hoop, it will be too small and light for you. You probably won't be able to keep it on your waist because it spins too fast. You need a suitable hoop for adults, beginners. This is a dance or fitness hoop with a diameter equal to the distance you measure from the ground to your navel. Generally these are hoops in the range of 95 - 105 cm. The bigger and heavier hoop you have, the easier it is to keep it spinning around your waist. The hoop will be slower and therefore give you more time to pick up the right speed of the movement.

Krok 2: Right technique

  1. Posture - Make sure you're standing pretty straight, don't slouch.

  2. Step forward - Step forward with one foot. It helps you to use more power and it is easier to perform the right movement.

  3. Pelvis movement - After the first spin, you need to catch the pace of the hoop and start bouncing it. The movement we make when spinning the hoop is forward and backward with pelvis. ATTENTION, we do not do circles!

  4. Start straight - Once you're ready for your first spin, try to think about starting the first spin using more power and make it nicely straight. Don't be afraid to use a lot power for the first spin. The more turns the hoop makes on its own around the waist, the more time it gives you to catch the right pace. I start by pressing the hoop to my back, turn with the hoop to one side and forcefully send it to the opposite side.

  5. Timing - After first spin we just try to catch the right timing with the hoop and move with the hoop at the same pace. We bounce the hoop forward with hips and always feel it on the back as well.

Video tutorial on how to spin a hoop at the waist

In the video, I will guide you through the correct technique of spinning the hoop on the waist. You can prepare your favorite hoop for beginners and get started with me. We will learn the correct technique, I will show you some mistakes that we want to avoid when hooping on the waist, and I will also show you the second way to keep the hoop in the waist.

Why does the hoop keep falling off my waist?

The first possibility is that you have an unsuitable hoop. Measure yourself to see if you have a suitable hoop (fitness or dance hoop) in the right size for your figure.

If you have the right hoop, another possibility is that you are moving too slowly in the hoop. The hoop falls as soon as you don't give it the speed it needs to stay in one place. You have to bounce the hoop at a pace that propels the hoop. You must not slow down. As you begin to slow down, the hoop will begin to slow down with you and slowly fall. But you can still save this situation by leaning into the movement and starting to pulse faster. This allows you to swing the hoop back to your waist. You can also save yourself from the sides in this way.


I hope these few tips and video help you in your beginnings. :)

How did you like today's article? Did you manage to spin the hoop according to the instructions? Let me know in the comments. I look forward to the next time, Aneta

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