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Hula hoop games for kids

Hoops are a great tool for group games for children - and not only children. Some of these games are super fun for team building either.

  1. Hula hoop group games

Rock paper scissors

A great hoops game in larger groups. This game was a huge hit at my summer camp. The game requires two teams, each with at least 3 members. The more members, the longer the game.

We put the hoops one by one on the ground, creating a snake. The longer it is, the more challenging it will be to jump through. The children get ready in two teams at each end of the snake and on command, jump against each other hoop by hoop. When they are next to each other in hoops, they play rock paper scissors. Whoever won stays in the hoop and whoever lost goes to their team's row. At the next command, the winner runs from his place and a member of the opposite team. Whoever gets to the opposing team first goes to the side and watches the others. The game ends when one of the teams gets rid of all members.

Hoop pass (also great for team building)

Children hold hands in a circle and one couple gets a hoop that rests on their joined hands. Without untying the hands, everyone gradually climbs through the hoop until the hoop is at the starting point.

Car game

Children are cars, each one gets a hoop. We choose 4 colors. In each corner of the room there is one color - garage. We play a song and the children run around the room with the hoops, the hoops in front of them like a steering wheel. We stop the song and shout the color. Children flock to the garage according to the color.

We can also let the children choose their own color. Children can run out of their colorful garage before the song starts and then end up back in their garage when the song stops.

Hoop war

The game I call Hoop war is a perfect warm-up. Suitable for school children who can already spin on the waist. Everyone needs their own hoop to spin around their waist. The goal is to intentionally hit other people's hoops while spinning hoops and knock them down. The winner is the one who stays spinning with the hoop the longest. This game is more physically demanding and I recommend it for older children.

  1. Hoop games for 1-2 kids

If there isn't a playgroup nearby, there are also plenty of games that children can play alone or in pairs with an adult and play once.

Jumping through a hoop like a jump rope. We can try one foot at a time or from behind. It is a challenge for young and old.

Hula hoop marathon. If the child is older and can spin at the waist, you can measure the time or compete with each other to see who can last longer.

Jumping in and out of hoops. I recommend it for smaller children. My 3 year old granddaughter loves this game. Try jumping with one leg and then one leg. A child can imagine that he is a frog jumping into a pond.

If you have a pair, one spins the hoop anywhere on their hand, shakes hands with the other (as in a handshake), and both try to pass the hoop without the hoop stopping spinning. He wants a dose of cooperation :). If the pair is very different in size, one can kneel.

Spinning on the neck (if you don't have very heavy hoops). This trick is more for older children with a little more coordination. Small children could accidentally spin the hoop in their face by spinning it disproportionately and unevenly.

Smaller children enjoy sending the hoop in pairs across the ground and trying to catch it without it falling.

If you have more hoops, you can shoot for a cone or a bucket from a distance.

Do you have any favorite hoops games? Write them in the comments and inspire others :).


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