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Hoops for children

You can buy a hoop for a child of any age, but we recommend it for children from the age of 3, when the hoop develops motor skills, balance and even at this age the child is already able to hoop on the waist. The hoop will be heavier than a toy store hoop and therefore better to keep on the waist. It has the ideal weight for hand manipulation and games. 


What hoop size to choose for children?

We recommend measuring the child from the ground to the navel - the measured size should be approx. the same as the size of the hoop. If the measured dimension is less than 60 cm (younger children up to about 4 years of age), we recommend measuring the distance from the ground to the outstretched hand. This is in order to choose the right size that even small children will be able to play with in hands.

3 - 5 years

I recommend the size 60cm. At this age, the child will not hoop around the waist very much, but will mainly want to play in the hands. So it is important that the hoop is not too big for them.


5 - 7 years

I recommend the 65 cm size, with which they can already try spinning on the waist more and when they outgrows the hoop, they can still play with the hoop in hands.


7 - 10 years

I recommend size 70 - 80 cm (depending on height). A hoop big enough to spin around the waist.

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