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Online Workshop


all levels | 2 hoops

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10. 9. 2023 10:00 – 11:00 SELČ

Online Workshop

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We are releasing first ever class focused to 2 hoops! Why choreo class this time? It is the best way, how you can learn not just tricks but also drill perfectly seamless transtitions and learn how to connect tricks. This is 1 hour class suitable for all hoopers! As a bonus in the end of class I'll break down for you 2 of my most popular double tricks, that you can challenge yourself with!

Great for beginners to learn new tricks together with transition and for advanced hoopers to get out of the hoop routine! Get prepared for longer sequence with unusual transitions.

Prerequisite: NONE, you can be comlete beginner, you just need to have 2 same sized hoops

Price is 200-300 CZK (= 8-12 EUR, 9-13 USD, 7-10 GBP)

Check your time zone HERE.

You have two options of ticket purchase (detailed description at tickets part below):

1. live event + high quality recap: Purchase, if you know you can attend live class!

2. High quality video workshop: Please purchase this ticket if you know you can't or don't want to attend live event.


  • Live Event

    Good for you, if you appreciate help with tricks and struggling to learn just on your own. You get a chance to ask me a questions, I can show you what you need to know and guide you through right technique of tricks + show more bonus variations. Live workshop is happening just with 3 and more participants. If live workshop will be cancelled, you'll get access to option below. I'm not recording live event, you'll get access to high quality video workshop - all the tricks (step by step description

    300,00 Kč
    Prodej skončil
  • High Quality Video Workshop

    Full workshop recapitulation with all the tricks taught in workshop, step by step in depth description. It is not recording of live event! Good if you are used to learn on your own. Please purchase this ticket if you know you can't attend live event.

    200,00 Kč
    Prodej skončil


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