Od roku 2021 běží program, do kterého máte možnost se zapojit, stát se sponzorovaným umělcem a také členem týmu #hooplanethoopteam. 

Miluješ kruhy? Bydlíš kdekoliv v Evropě? Chceš získat obruče a další doplňky zdarma? Jsi aktivní na sítích? Napiš mi - třeba právě tebe hledám.


Jedná se o program, ve kterém během roku vybírám umělce z celé Evropy, kteří výměnou za propagaci značky dostávají vybavení plně zdarma.

Sleduj na instagramu #hooplanethoopteam, označ nás ve svých příspěvcích a třeba právě tebe vybereme příště :).

Ambasadoři #hooplanethoopteam roku 2021

Lisa Elvee (NL)

Water & fire passionate hooper 

Elvee Elements, has been performing since a young age, first in theater and since 2014 as a full-time circus and movement artist. Her main disciplines are (fire) Hula Hoop, and double hoops. She also loves swimming as a real-life mermaid, and often her hoops joins in the water fun to! Fantasy art holds a special fascination for Lisa, wich she pursues through costume making and in her acts. She teaches at fire and flow festival in summer and at her friends movement studio in Amsterdam. 

Besides that Elvee vloggs on patreon about manifestation and Flow state, hoping to hell everyone create their dream life as well!

Instagram: @elvee_elements

Web: ,

Kaw Hoops (DE)

Multiprop talented hooper with colorful journey

Ka Whoops is a  flow artist, specialized in Hula Hoop Dance.

She offers Led, UV & Fire performances, multi-hooping street shows, workshops, classes and much more. Hoop Love Coach certified Hoop Dance instructor, and qualified Hooping Mad  Advanced Teacher Trainer. She loves being on stage, sharing good vibes, teaching & sharing her passion.

Ka Whoops discovered hoop dance in 2012 and it quickly became her tool to achieve happiness, wellness and a deeper connection with her body & soul.

Instagram: @kawhoops


Zuz Šoutová (SK)

Multitalented flowartist from Slovakia, founder of Flowarts Academy

I fell in love with performing arts, including hooping ages ago, and I still can't get enough of this complex world. Most people know me as a poi dancer, but I've always been a multi prop person. Why? Because I enjoy learning and growing, connecting the dots between different art forms including dance, visual arts and juggling.

Over the last 10 years, I've had the pleasure to perform, teach, choreograph and share my art over the world and I'm very thankful for this creative life.

Instagram: @zuz.soutova


Hooplady Martina (CZ)

Passionate hooper

Baví mě bořit hranice a mýty o tom, že cvičení s obručí patří jen do dětského světa nebo do cirkusu. Tanec mě provází od malička a ráda předávám radost z pohybu dál. Na tanci a cvičení s obručí se mi líbí to, že má nekonečné množství stylů a je to v prvé řadě hlavně zábava. Ráda inspiruji druhé k jejich vlastní tvorbě a vyjádření sebe sama ať už uvnitř kruhu nebo mimo něj. 

Instagram: @HoopLady_Martina


Xochitl aka SoChill (DE-FR)

Hooper scientist, founder of #GetHoopy

Holder of a PhD in marine ecology, Xochitl decided to leave science behind her and make her passion, hula hoop dancing, her new occupation. She loves to share the joy and the multiple benefits hulahoop dancing brought to her. She tries to be an advocate of mental health and promotes empowerment through body positivity. She also tries to make an impact, performing during demonstrations, for climate, racial, gender and social justice #hoopactivist.

She plays with twins, LED and recently started playing with fire. Despite being a brainy learner and her ability to break down tricks #chillcombos, she also enjoys to focus on the flow, movement and emotions of hoop dancing.

Instagram: @drx.hoop
Facebook: @drx.hooperscientist