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Hula hoops for beginners

If you're new to hooping, you need a big, heavy hoop that makes it easier to spin with its slow rotation. Our beginner hoops are equipped with anti-slip tapes that prevent the hoop from sliding and help you keep the hoop on your body better.


You choose the size of the hoop according to your height, the type of hoop (fitness or dance hula hoop) according to what you want to use the hoop for.


If you want to buy your very first hoop and don't know how to choose the right size and material, check out the video below. In just two minutes you will learn everything you need to make the right choice.

Already know what hoop you need? Choose the hoop design you like below. In the details of the hoop, choose whether you want a dance or fitness hula hoop and the appropriate size that fits your height.